Spafford Property Management

June 20, 2020

Ensure a specialist has your investment properties under control in the frenzied Auckland investment property market.

Stay on top of your investment properties with our simple service, as we keep everything under control.

Auckland’s first choice of professional property managements solutions, including repair management and income collection.

Worry less about costs and liabilities

Want the best return on your investment property without the stress and hassle of handling it on your own? No need to worry with the team at Spafford Property Management, who can effectively handle the job in your stead.

Property management you can depend on

From reliable advice and consultation from an industry professional to lowered costs and reduced stress, Spafford Property Management makes investment property management easy.

Affordable, reliable and dedicated

When you choose Spafford Property Management, you know you get a fully transparent service as we are up front and honest about our rates with no hidden fees, so you can rest easy.


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