A place where under 5’s develop and flourish themselves through playful activities

May 11, 2021

Auckland Aubreys ELC is based on a huge plot of land which is neighbouring Stillwater. It’s a comfortable relaxing place for children to learn.

The kindergarten has committed ECE teachers whose beliefs are around children learning at there own pace through self-led recreational activities.

Under 5’s can regularly be found amusing themselves outside in the amazing environment Aubrey’s has been able to create due to their vast surrounding.

The Philosophy at Aubrey ELC

Aubrey ELC beliefs are that kids develop their brains better when they’re doing activities that gauge their own interests. The teaching is planned around this logic ensuring that the kids have all the supplies and materials needed to learn.

Aubreys ELC Environment

Preschoolers can be found outside exploring in the various playgrounds around the huge centre. The kids are assisted by the staff to nurture the farm animals.

Aubrey’s ELC Teachers

The devoted ECE teachers are always learning new skills. They look after the kids very well and make sure they are set up and helped with everything they need to develop there brains.


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