Offering care and support for those that served us, here at Ranfurly House in Auckland.

May 10, 2021

At the Ranfurly Veterans’ Trust in Auckland, serving personnel and their families have been receiving assistance and support from 1903 to today.

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As we begin to discover more of what veterans and their families require, The Ranfurly Veterans’ Trust expects to broaden our range of services.

Veteran Support Services

We are devoted to providing a variety of excellent services of support to New Zealand veterans and their families. To find out more about The Ranfurly Veterans’ Trust please contact us.

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Here at the Ranfurly Veterans’ Trust, we are regularly involved in a number of events and activities either outside of the premises or here at Ranfurly House, Be sure to stay up to date with what’s happening.

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A service directory dedicated to NZ veterans and family. is where you’ll find services offered that cover physical/mental health and wellbeing, support for peers and family as well as housing and financial assistance.

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