Joinery that’s handcrafted and custom made to fit your next Auckland building project – get a perfect fit in timber every time

May 16, 2021

Joinery work custom made for your Auckland building project. Looking for high-quality timber finishes? Fineline Joinery will make it to fit.

For high-end construction work needing timber joinery, ask Fineline Joinery to make it fit just right. A great reputation in Auckland since 2008.

Timber joinery for new sash windows or french doors are at your fingertips when you ask Fineline Joinery to craft them.

Wooden joinery for outside

For high quality wooden exterior joinery to stay the distance and match the style of your home’s design get an expert, craftsperson’s touch to your windows and doors with Auckland’s Fineline Joinery.

Quality interior joinery

Get timber doors, windows and sash windows that keep working perfectly in your character period home with a true specialist like Fineline Joinery. If it’s in wood we’ll perfect it – including bespoke wardrobes to maximise your space beautifully.

Joinery projects

See wood joinery work in wood in a gallery of examples that speak for themselves. For a story of quality, precision and perfect fit for homes, share the superb customer experience at Fineline Joinery and enjoy handcrafted and custom made.


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