Herb Merkle Jewellery

December 31, 2020

Herb Merkle Jewellery creates diamond engagement rings and mens and women’s wedding rings as well as fine jewellery.

Our team can include pieces of other sentimental jewellery in your new piece and offer bespoke design.

Herb Merkle Jewellery has been specialising in jewellery design and manufacture for more than 40 years.

Engagement and wedding rings

Herb Merkle Jewellery creates stunning engagement and wedding bands by hand. Rings can be created for men and women using your choice of metals and precious stones.

Fine jewellery for any occasion

Whether you want a piece for a special occasion or something you can wear everyday, Herb Merkle Jewellery can create a pice for you. All jewellery is handcrafted.

Jewellery design and manufacture

Herb Merkle Jewellery offers bespoke jewellery design so you can create a piece that is unique to your style. We can also help you repurpose old heirloom jewellery into something new.


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