Graeme Newell Barrister

May 24, 2021

Graeme Newell is highly regarded by his peers and is a respected criminal law expert in Auckland.

To keep your reputation in check with expert defence lawyer Graeme Newell, don’t hesitate to call today.

Get the proper legal advice and representation only a seasoned criminal lawyer can offer.

With over 100 cases won in court

Add your name to Graeme Newell’s portfolio of successful cases. Graeme Newell has achieved a positive result for a range of charges including acquittals for charges of possession and supply to violence charges.

Strong defence for allegations of drug offending

If you are faced with serious drug offending allegations that come under the umbrella of class A, B or C manufacture, importation, supply or possession charges, contact the Graeme Newell for a seasoned criminal law specialist.

Accused of a sex crime?

With hundreds of past successes in court, achieving several acquittals of sexual offending charges, Graeme Newell is the expert you need with the expertise in cross-examining and criminal law to get the job done.


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