My Splash

May 25, 2021

Personalise your home and create rooms you love with quality glass fixtures from My Splash.

Get the look you want in your home with custom-designed printed glass splashbacks, frameless glass showers and quality mirrors.

The possibilities are endless. Talk to My Splash today about the options for your kitchen, bathroom and throughout your home.

Customised glass splashbacks

Looking for a statement piece to complete your kitchen or bathroom? My Splash specialises in beautiful glass splashbacks that add a splash of colour and also protect your investment.

Custom fit showers

A frameless glass shower from My Splash will add luxury and style to your new bathroom. Our team will not only make your shower to your specifications, but will provide the installation too.

Mirrors and interior glass

Complete your bathroom with a custom-designed mirror made from high-grade glass in our workshop and expertly wall mounted in your home. My Splash also manufactures interior glass doors and other glass fixtures.


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