Hilhorst Electrical

June 21, 2021

Electrix Collective is based on the North Shore, in Auckland, and is committed to making your home electrically safe.

The owner of Electrix Collective is Jordan Hilhorst, who offers affordable electrical services.

Homeowners and business owners can rely on Electrix Collective for electrical installations and repairs.

LED lighting installations

Have you bought an older house? Many insurance companies won’t insure you unless the wiring in your home is up to code. Contact us to see if your home needs complete or partial rewiring.

Commercial lighting installations

Do you own a commercial property with old-fashioned and inefficient lighting? If so, contact Electrix Collective to install new LED lights throughout your premises.

Electrical fault finding

Scheduled electrical maintenance ensures everything electrical on your commercial premises operates safely. Book Electrix Collective to set up a regular maintenance schedule today.


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