Andrew Swan Barrister

July 15, 2020

Our expert team can help you through your debt recovery process no matter the size.

Andrew and his team offers simple alternatives and competitive rates compared to those offered by larger firms.

Call our team today on (09) 300 3259 for a free and no obligation consultation to see how we can help.

Southern Cross Chambers Membership

As one of the 14 full members of Southern Cross Chambers, Andrew Swan has access to vast research resources and pools of legal knowledge for businesses and individuals to take advantage of.

Our Qualifications

Andrew Swan first received his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Auckland in 1981, which he then used to spend two years in Lawrence Anderson Buddle. Afterwards he gained practical experience working for Webster Malcolm and Kilpatrick.


When dealing with civil cases of property, commercial or employment law correct and proper advice is vital. As there are many aspects of civil law, it is helpful to receive advice from a lawyer.


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